Our services are for non-emergency transportation of any individuals who are unable to ride in a regular vehicle. We provide gurney, wheelchair and ambulatory medical transport. BLS service is also available upon request. Rates are also available for personal transport.


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Bariatric Stretchers

Our patient transport stretchers have adjustable back rests and cushioned 4 inch thick mattresses, with plug in IV poles. All our gurneys have bariatric capacity to provide the most comfortable ride.

Gurney Transportation

Non-emergency gurney transportation staffed with certified CPR / First Aid transport specialists, is intended for use by patients that are unable to sit upright for medical or comfort reasons.

Wheelchair Transportation

Wheelchair transport vehicles are used for patients who are mobility impaired and use a wheelchair. Our wheelchair vans are staffed by one medical patient care transport specialist trained in CPR and first aid .

Ambulatory Transportation

Non emergency ambulatory transport is for patients who are able to walk on their own with driver's assistance. We provide transportation to and from medical appointments

Non Emergency Medical Transportation


All our vehicles are well maintained, and fully ADA compliant. We have a fleet of Mercedes Benz and Ford trucks equipped with wheelchair, and other specialty equipment..


We have the complement of efficient, professional and courteous staff; fully trained to handle and use the specialty equipment.